Unusual places for tourists 

More than just churches 

I understand that visiting churches and cathedrals sounds like a good plan, but there is always more to a city than just that. That’s why I would suggest going to either a play or a concert in another country. Many plays can let you feel the culture better. Moreover, this is an amazing way to spend time with locals in various countries. 

However, don’t forget concerts. If you live in a smaller country, then travelling abroad for a concert can be like a dream. Various singers and bands can’t visit all countries, but if it’s nearby, then you can always find cheap tickets and fly there. Going abroad for any cultural event might be the decision ever. It gives a real purpose to your trip. Old buildings can wait. 


Feeling like James Bond 

This might come as a surprise, but I think that visiting at least one casino is a must when you are travelling. The main benefit is that you get to meet many local people. It’s way easier to make new connections in casinos than in churches or cathedrals. You are surrounded by locals who can share the best tips and tricks for enjoying the city. Why not get some use out of that? 

Don’t forget that you don’t have to be a casino professional to go to casinos. You can always practice some online games before going, and you will be more than ready. You can do that right here. There are numerous casinos in countries all around the world, so no need to be picky while choosing a destination. 

Choosing the best place to eat 

Try to avoid mainstream places. Yes, you read that right. I understand that going to famous restaurants can seem appealing, but hear me out. Small cafes and tiny family restaurants can quickly become your favourite place in the world.  Nowadays there are also many good places to eat for vegans and vegetarians which are not that known.  

Trying a restaurant which is a bit less known will let you get food faster, and you will save time. Moreover, if it’s run by a family, then you know that you can expect to find a lovely and welcoming atmosphere in the building. Owners and chefs sometimes even want you to stay longer and talk with them. This is the beauty of small restaurants and cafes.